What do Real Estate Agents Do All Day?

What real estate agents do on a daily basis

I’m regularly reminded that the general public doesn’t “get” how Real Estate is a full time job. And I understand the confusion.

First, there’s TV. Agents on Million Dollar Listing show some houses, and then negotiate the deal while they’re at a cooking class.

Then, there’s my own interaction with the public that creates this impression that I have a totally free schedule. Whereas most people run errands after work or on the weekends, I can do those things any day of the week. For instance, I’m typically the only one in the hair salon since I snag those mid-week, mid-day appointments.

But … It creates the impression that I’m not busy during the day.

what realtors do when they aren't showing houses

Most recently, my hair stylist asked, “So if you’re not showing houses, what do you do?

It’s actually a tough question because there’s no such thing as a typical day. My mind sometimes goes blank coming up with the answer to that question because I can’t think of the best way to properly explain the enormous and endless To-Do List.

I’ve Outlined Some Things Realtors Do on a Typical Day:

What do real estate agents do on a daily basis

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Being a Real Estate agent is running a small business. I find these things can get pretty boring, but it is all included in the day-to-day:

– Keeping up with emails, making copies, keeping client files organized. There are also business oriented tasks such as taxes, receipts, expenses.

Marketing Properties:

Getting listings sold is obviously in the forefront of the Day-to-Day.

Here is what we do to get more eyeballs on listings:

– Scheduling and preparing for open houses, taking listing photos, writing property descriptions, creating MLS listings, creating property flyers, social media posts, videoswhat real estate agents do all day

Marketing Ourselves to Gain more Clients:

My goal is that when your friend says to you, “I’m thinking about buying a house!” You can reply back, “Oh, then you should call Kristi, she’s a Realtor!”

That’s my dream! And most of my clients are referrals like that. Here’s what I do to achieve this:

– Blogging, social media (Instagram & Facebook), networking events, lead generation, maintaining a CRM system

Working with Buyers:

Beyond just showing houses, a daily activity is to spend a decent part of the morning looking through brand new listings. Every single day, I find property matches for my current clients and email them immediately. I also just familiarize myself with every single new listing so I am the best resource of the market to all my clients.

Other buyer related tasks: writing up contracts, negotiating contracts, attending home inspections, attending Realtor tours

Working with Sellers:

Aside from actively marketing properties, there are tasks directly related to listings that include:

– Constantly researching recently sold properties, responding to online leads, scheduling and coordinating buyer showings, gaining feedback from showings and relaying to sellers, attending appraisals

what so realtors do when they are not showing houses

What do Realtors do all day?

Since every day and every client is different, I could do any of these things and much, much more on any given day. As many properties as I’ve sold, I have learned from experience that every single transaction is different so there are no rules as to how a home get from listed to closed. But hey, that’s what keeps things interesting!

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What do real estate agents do on a daily basis