The 6 Things Mom Really Wants for Her House

gifts moms really want but wont buy for themselves

A little gift guide for Mom, because moms are the best (I would know πŸ˜‰)

K listen, there are so many reasons throughout the year to spoil the mama of your household. Mother’s Day gifts, Mom’s birthday, Anniversary gifts… It becomes overwhelming to be creative over and over again!

For instance, I have been with my hubby for 13 years and I’ve pretty much given him every gift you can think of.

But under the guise of generosity, us mamas tend to buy for others but never really buy what we want for ourselves.

Who else goes to home decor stores and thinks, “I wish someone would buy this for me so I don’t have to buy it for myself.” πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

Mom’s Gift Guide: All the Stuff She Wants but Won’t Buy for Herself

1) Cute Accent Pillows

What mom doesn’t wish she were “that mom” who switches out the accent pillows every season? I so want to be that mom!! The decorative throw pillow section always has me swooning and TBH since pillows are meant to be mixed and matched, so there’s hardly anything you could buy as gift that wouldn’t be absolutely adored.

2) Funky Bowls

Why do we all buy the same white bowls? Why do we convince ourselves that “white tableware goes with everything”?? Um, what exactly are our bowls supposed to match? Our food?!

Funky bowls are SO fun to buy, but they feel frivolous for us mamas to buy ourselves because “those boring white bowls we’ve had since college work just fine.” Uhg! I want cute bowls!

3) New Wreath for Over the Door

To me, wreaths are like the ribbon on a perfectly wrapped gift! They just say, “Hello, welcome to my home. I’m very put together. I even have a wreath on my front door!” (but please don’t just the mess I’m hiding behind the door. K thanks!)

4) Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie has become so popular that it is not enough to just throw your meats and cheese on a plate. We need a dedicated platter! I am ALL FOR THIS because these fancy trays actually have doubled as table center pieces, and I even used mine for Halloween candy.

Just a warning: everyone will be asking to borrow this item for their next party once they see yours!

5) A Decorative Mirror

Every single mama has swooned this type of mirror on Instagram. Without a doubt, it’s one of most coveted home items. For the entryway table, for the mantle, or just to hang on the wall — we’ve all fantasized about where we would put a gorgeous mirror like this in our home!

6) Wooden Candle Holders

Do you know how expensive candlesticks are?!! I do, because I pick them up every time I’m at HomeGoods and gawk at the price! I want them SO BAD because they’re beautiful and elegant decor pieces. But I simply can’t get myself to spend that chunk of change.

Sooo.. is it time to buy the mama of your household a gift? Hope this list helps!

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