Ask the Pros: Stupid Easy Staging Tips

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home — or you just want to live in a cute place, damn it — staging correctly is an art form.

Let’s be honest, staging just means decorating. “Staging to sell” tends to be more minimal, but the principles are the same: put something cute in your home to draw the eye there.

In my opinion, the best place to find staging inspo is new construction homes, since they definitely have the beat on the most current trends in home design. I’ve been working with a local builder Pulte Homes in my real estate business, so I’ve gathered some tips on staging from the real Professionals (capital P necessary).

Stupid Easy Staging Tips

1. Add Pops of Green

easy stating tips_use faux greenery

Plants are an absolute must. They instantly make a room feel so homey & cared for. Fresh flowers are always at the top of my list for adding a special touch, however don’t think I’m above faux greenery. The best place to look for faux greenery is TJ Maxx or Homegoods.

2. Show Off Entertaining Potential

easy staging tips_show off entertaining potential

When in selling-your-home-mode, the focus of the main living areas should be entertainment. Rooms that open up into each other should have complimentary decor, so people feel the flow from one room to the next. Imagine having a large party, guests hanging out together in both spaces.

But there may be rooms in your home you ONLY use for a party … for me, that’s the dining room. I still keep the mindset “entertainment ready” when staging by dressing it with napkins, a runner and a simple centerpiece. Those are pretty much permanent fixtures on my dining room table.

3. Make it Cozy

easy staging tips_add throw pillows and blankets

Anywhere that you would put a pillow, put MORE! I love decorative pillows. The master bedroom, the family room couch, really anywhere your family cuddles up should be a throw pillow kingdom.

Throw pillows & blankets are thoughtful yet playful, which adds a touch of coziness that warms up a home. As a seller it will go noticed by your buyers, but as a homeowner it will just make you smile in your own home (nailed it!)

How to Stage Your Home like the Pros

The goal of staging is to highlight the best features of your home — so start with the rooms you love! In my home, we spend so much time in our family room, so decorating the mantle has become my recent focus.

To see how I implement some of these tips in my own home, follow me on Instagram here: —> Click: @windycitykristi

Follow me on Instagram: @windycitykristi
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