Dress the Part: My January Work Wardrobe

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As it comes to apparel, the winter months are a confusing time in Chicago. There are plenty of days I don’t leave the house & stay in leggings all day. There are plenty of other days where I don’t change that outfit one bit, throw on a coat and walk out the door.

How do you Create a Winter Work Wardrobe?

Owning a cute coat is really the only thing you need in Chicago, because you’re probably not taking it off anyway. (Do you know how many good outfits have gone wasted to never taking off my coat?! Far too many.)

The two-hour stretch of time I do get to show off my outfit is Open Houses — so I usually try to put something fun together as this is my first impression with so many clients.

The Ultimate Winter Work Wardrobe Starts with your Coat:

My faux fur coat is a fabulous winter staple for me, I’ve had this coat for years! (similar) I usually wear it when I feel a little fancy-schmansy, but this past winter I saw every single cool girl in Milan wearing one on a daily basis, so I’m trying to be more like them πŸ˜‰

necktie scarf winter wardrobe for real estate agent

winter wardrobe real estate agent

My “Work Style” is always to mix fashion and business, so that usually means a fun print or texture in a conservative silhouette.

Since my coat is super old it would probably be considered vintage at this point…

I picked these from SheIn that I also LOVE:

What is your winter style hack? Leave me a comment below!

January Life Through IG Photos:

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new shoes in Milan, Italy

What is your winter style hack? Leave me a comment below!

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easy work wardrobe for winter