Christmas Cards: Filling Your Mailbox with Love!

Christmas cards were a huge deal when I was little. I look back at each of the cards my mom sent out and am flooded with memories — mostly of my brothers & I fighting through the photo shoots — but nonetheless in some twisted way I love these memories.

To be honest, Christmas card photo shoots were H-E-L-L in my household. Remember a time before digital cameras? DO you even remember that? The planning that went into staging, dressing, shooting, and HOPING everyones eyes were open…. And shocker — they weren’t open. And my brothers & I HATED taking photos together, which often meant having to take a 2nd or 3rd round photo shoot just to get one stupid photo that showed off how much we loved each other.

After the photo was chosen, we would print up the photo and manually stick it on to each card. Then my mom had a pretty gold pen to sign each card. INDIVIDUALLY. I don’t know if this is true, but my memory was that my mom’s card list had hundreds of people on it.

But I also have the memory of sitting in the family room, opening all the Christmas cards we received. My mom would have a basket FILLED with cards. I didn’t know 80% of the people sending them to us, but I read every. single. letter. I just loved Christmas cards and seeing everyone’s smiling families.

Making our Christmas Card Traditions

Since our first Christmas as a married couple, Lee and I always send Christmas cards (& even a Christmas Letter — yep, we’re those people!) Now, since I actually know the names on the envelopes, with each card we close we I spend a moment thinking about the people on the receiving end & the memories we have with them. We don’t have a list of hundreds quite yet haha, so we can actually take our time with this!

Below is the past two years of Christmas Cards:

And SURPRISE! I’m sneaking in this year’s card to this post because — well, I couldn’t resist. This year is extra special because our family has expanded. Looking at the photos from previous years and then to this one, I can’t help but smile!

I always make my Christmas Cards on Minted. I found them after ordering our wedding invitations from there. They have hands down THE BEST designs. I use their Address Assistant like it is my Bible & all year long I update everyone’s addresses right in the Minted dashboard.

P.S. I also learned that if you aren’t in a super rush, they will make slight edits to the design to fit your customizations better. I had them readjust the word sizes a bit in my wedding invites because my maiden name Pawlowicz was too long — umm, Vistaprint is not doing that for you, just sayin’!

I hope everyone’s mailboxes are stuffed with love this holiday season!


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