Category: Real Estate

Things They Don’t Tell You About Becoming a Real Estate Agent

About once every two weeks, someone slips into my DMs asking me what it’s like being a full time real estate agent (which I LOVE… keep the questions coming!) This career is clearly attractive for a lot of reasons, and turning on the television to ANY channel proves that real estate is a popular topic […]

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Unconventional Places to Network

Can I just ask this to all my beautifully honest readers: Do people even like networking events? I so often wonder who is that girl that walks into a room full of strangers, looks around and says “HELL YEAH I’m ready to make connections!” I am not even an introvert, at all. I can talk […]

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The Ins and Outs: How Business Owners Work on Vacation

Truth: Business owners need vacations more than probably anybody. Second Truth: That is because we literally can never take vacations, haha. What even are weekends? So if I want to have aΒ weekend getaway, the truth is my work is going to follow me there. It’s just how this whole “entrepreneur” thing goes. Work on Vacation […]

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