Category: Motivation Monday

I Invested in Bitcoin for 31 Days and Here’s What Happened

I did it. I’m cool. I own Bitcoin. .0062035 Bitcoin to be exact. Or $100 at the time of purchase, December 2017. Interest in Bitcoin I just need to start things off by saying that Bitcoin has a reputation of being the currency of “techies” and I am not that girl. I’m just a regular, […]

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Goals Not Resolutions: How I am Planning to Win in the New Year

I am a mega-planner, some say to a fault. Textbook Over-Thinker. Thinking back to September & October — once I feel the slightest Fall chill in the air, I skip right through Winter and already start my planning sesh to make the next year my b*tch. I’m constantly reminding myself to live in the moment. […]

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What 10 Years of Retail has Taught Me about Life

This realization just smacked me in the face: this marks the 2nd Christmas season in a row that I am not working in retail for the holidays! The season has totally taken on a new meaning for me since shifting my careerĀ in 2015. I’m aware many people look at retail as a part time job […]

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