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What 10 Years of Retail has Taught Me about Life

This realization just smacked me in the face: this marks the 2nd Christmas season in a row that I am not working in retail for the holidays! The season has totally taken on a new meaning for me since shifting my careerĀ in 2015. I’m aware many people look at retail as a part time job […]

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How We Paid off $42,728 in 12 Months

Do you have a plan for that extra $1000 your side hustle will bring in every month? Vacation fund, upgrading your apartment, fluffing up your savings account? My last 12 months have been laser focused on knocking out as much debt as possible with every extra dollar my husband and I could find. Flashback to […]

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When Should Your Brand Start Promoting for the Holiday Season?

Don’t you just automatically roll your eyes every time you walk into a store in October full of Christmas decorations? Hello, Halloween is amazing. Capitalize THAT. I’m not ready for Christmas. It’s super annoying to a customer to be forced to think about Christmas so early. But as a brand, the holiday season is a […]

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