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Why is This Home So Cheap?

So you’re in the market to buy a new home, and you’re opening up your email to see the new properties on the market today. You see something AHH-mazing, much better than any of the homes you’ve been looking at so far. You think, “How is this even in my price range?” What’s the catch, […]

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I Invested in Bitcoin for 31 Days and Here’s What Happened

I did it. I’m cool. I own Bitcoin. .0062035 Bitcoin to be exact. Or $100 at the time of purchase, December 2017. Interest in Bitcoin I just need to start things off by saying that Bitcoin has a reputation of being the currency of “techies” and I am not that girl. I’m just a regular, […]

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How We Paid off $42,728 in 12 Months

Do you have a plan for that extra $1000 your side hustle will bring in every month? Vacation fund, upgrading your apartment, fluffing up your savings account? My last 12 months have been laser focused on knocking out as much debt as possible with every extra dollar my husband and I could find. Flashback to […]

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