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Buying a Foreclosures, Short Sales and Zillow Pre-Foreclosures

I’m about to explain the part of real estate that attracts buyers like a Home Shopping Sale Rack. The impression buyers have of Foreclosures & Short Sales is that they can grab something super cheap and make lots of money. Foreclosures and Short Sales get the reputation of “Discount Purchases.” But we’ve all seen too […]

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Why is This Home So Cheap?

So you’re in the market to buy a new home, and you’re opening up your email to see the new properties on the market today. You see something AHH-mazing, much better than any of the homes you’ve been looking at so far. You think, “How is this even in my price range?” What’s the catch, […]

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I Invested in Bitcoin for 31 Days and Here’s What Happened

I did it. I’m cool. I own Bitcoin. .0062035 Bitcoin to be exact. Or $100 at the time of purchase, December 2017. Interest in Bitcoin I just need to start things off by saying that Bitcoin has a reputation of being the currency of “techies” and I am not that girl. I’m just a regular, […]

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