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Christmas Cards: Filling Your Mailbox with Love!

Christmas cards were a huge deal when I was little. I look back at each of the cards my mom sent out and am flooded with memories — mostly of my brothers & I fighting through the photo shoots — but nonetheless in some twisted way I love these memories. To be honest, Christmas card […]

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30 Days to 30 Challenge and a Better Life

We all love to use the word busy. When friends ask how we’re doing: I’m so busy! When we are asked to run an errand: I’m soooo busy! We use it to sound important regarding work: Work is always busy, busy, busy. I’ve been so busy this year, that big milestones {like my 30th birthday} have totally […]

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What I Learned While Pregnant with my First Baby

Maybe I’m still too close and involved in my pregnancy to try to evaluate the last 9 months of my life. But my head cannot stop searching for lessons from this season of life – because that’s just how my brain works. Let’s just say the Ups and Downs of my pregnancy have been much […]

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