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All the Best Headboards I Considered and the One I Bought

As home projects go, our Master Bedroom is a pretty big one. But we kept pushing this one off because no one ever sees it but us. But… isn’t that such a terrible way of thinking? The master bedroom should be the perfect reflection of us as a couple, and such a personal space. It […]

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Dreaming of Fireplaces: Inspo for the Holiday Season

Santa comes down that chimney in just a few short weeks! It’s no secret that my favorite spot in my new home is curled up in my family room next to a fire. We’re so grateful to have a spot to enjoy family time and get cozy. (Psst if you make it to the end […]

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Why Don’t I Own This Already? 10 Things I Need from Amazon

Do you want to know why I wrote this post? Because I fell down the Amazon Rabbit Hole. You know what I’m talking about, where you look up one thing, and then have to look at everything else “Customers who viewed this also viewed…” and then you continue clicking through until you eventually die. I […]

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