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The 6 Things Mom Really Wants for Her House

Who else goes to home decor stores and thinks, “I wish someone would buy this for me so I don’t have to buy it for myself.” 🙋🙋🙋 Under the guise of generosity, us mamas tend to buy well for others, but never really buy what we want…

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What I Learned While Pregnant with my First Baby

Maybe I’m still too close and involved in my pregnancy to try to evaluate the last 9 months of my life. But my head cannot stop searching for lessons from this season of life – because that’s just how my brain works. Let’s just say the Ups and Downs of my pregnancy have been much […]

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Why I don’t Plan on Quitting my Job to Have a Baby

It’s true, I’m pregnant! But don’t you worry — I have no intention of turning this into a Mommy Blog… Now with baby on the way, I’m seeing my ups and downs as an entrepreneur through a whole new lens, one that is getting increasingly complicated. My mom’s first piece of advice when she learned […]

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