Do You Ever Take a Break from Your Business?

how to take a break from you business

Not many people notice when you stop doing something, but they know when you start. When you have something new to say, you’re in everyone’s face about it. You’re loud and consistent and intentional.

This summer, I got burnt out.

And I got silent about my first business as I put it on the back burner. 522 Envy, my online boutique and my first try at entrepreneurship, yeah, it pretty much only existed for the past few months as an extension of Shop Buzzed.

Maybe you didn’t even notice. I’d be surprised if you did, honestly, because I still had so many other dedications to talk about.

Taking a Break from Your Business

I don’t like complaining about my businesses because I know the majority of my readers are also business owners. So I hope this isn’t discouraging.

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So here’s some truth:

My online store is a grind. WORK yields results, and NOT WORKING yields no results. And while I have great systems in place to make it a well-run machine, it’s hardly what I would call passive income. And that’s hard.

Sometimes it’s like I’m chasing my tail — because innovation in the e-commerce space is not just suggested, it’s one of the most crucial pieces of the equation that makes the business thrive.

Put straight: E-commerce is definitely not the easiest business I run.

And this past year, 2 things started to happen:

  1. Shop Buzzed started to really take off as a brand and frankly it’s SO MUCH FUN.
  2. I’ve found success in real estate so much quicker than I expected, and tbh, real estate is a pretty needy bitch. On the passive income spectrum, well, it doesn’t even make the spectrum. 

Shop Buzzed pop up shop in Chicago

With those two things true, I couldn’t really get behind 522 Envy. Mentally, I had no more space, no more creativity to give.

Let me tell you — the guilt is real. Working for years to build something amazing, something that was steady and consistent, with real & genuine fans — it was hard watching myself choose to blow that off for the next cool project I was working on.

Was I quitting? Was I done?

I had no idea. I spoke to a few friends and tried to come up with the correct words for what the heck was happening. It felt like I was quitting, but it sounded more like I was stalling.

But honestly my mental switch happened as quickly as a light bulb turning on — I don’t know what changed, but I woke up one morning and I realized that this was just a break, a much needed cool-down sesh in the middle of a hot, whirlwind of a summer.

My two other dedications needed ALL OF MY ATTENTION because they were new and fragile. But honestly, I definitely am glad I neglected 522 a bit. Before it was guilt, now I’m just thankful. Because ya know what? It’s my business and it runs at the pace that I do.

I found my motivation again when I realized I now had some mental space again to give to 522. It’s back and in full force. I finally feel comfortable juggling my other dedications alongside my e-commerce boutique, and they don’t need all of my coddling. Now that I’m back in the biz, it feels like I wasn’t really gone for that long. I made a sale 1 hour after I sent my “Welcome Back” email — talk about much-needed momentum.

break from your business

In hindsight, this was definitely the best thing I’ve done business-wise in a while. Isn’t is funny how things work out that way?

Have you ever taken an intentional break from your business or blogging? If so, I’d love to hear why you decided to do this & how you knew you were ready to get back in the game.

Comments, please!

  • Caitlin Patton

    So glad that you were able to recenter and be able to work on your business again! Congrats on a successful real estate career and Shop Buzzed, I love watching your empire continue to grow!

    • Thanks lady!! I’m happy to be running my e-commerce biz at 100% again but boy that time off was helpful!

  • I leave blogging every summer and it’s the BEST thing ever!! Not only do my readers know to look out for me in the fall but it also allows me to just breathe and do the things I love. I didn’t notice that you neglected one and focused on another 🙂 Keep doing whatever you are! It’s working!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries