5 Fluff-Free Blog Ideas for When You Have Writer’s Block

5 Blog Post Ideas for Writers Block

If you’ve been feeling a little absent from the blogging world, you’re so not alone. I always say my mood is directly correlated with the weather, and unfortunately so is my motivation. So February-March, I start to get slow.

I know the First day of Spring, all my best ideas will come out.

But until then, I wait in my sunless hell.

So that was a little dramatic. But what I mean is, I do tend to post less in the winter.

This is my “What to say when you have nothing to say” post. Which really isn’t that relatable title to me since I can have a conversation with a wall for about an hour (blessing & a curse).

But, still, I do get a strong case of writer’s block & inspiration for my next post is sometimes just. not. there.

5 Blog Ideas for When You Have Writer’s Block

Here we go…

Interview Someone.

Scroll through your Facebook groups and message some interesting people! I guarantee you’ll be able to find some people who will want some free exposure. If I can be candid (and I can bc it’s my blog) Interview posts are the easiest because you basically come up with a few questions, pop in some cute pictures and you’re done.

Ok there’s more to it than that. But you’re basically delegating content, which makes life A LOT easier. One of my recent interviews was with Abigail from AbigailWhite.co and it was a big Win-Win for both of us.

one social media platform

Write about How You’re Using a New Social Media Update.

Social Media is changing every damn day. That means we’re forced to get used to all the new updates on the reg. Well– what a relevant post idea! Talk about how you’re using a new update, or how you like/hate it. FYI: I usually HATE all updates before I love them because I’m resistant to social media change. So I LOVE these types of posts because they give me insight on how others are finding the updates useful IRL. Which makes the updates useful to me IRL.

5 blog ideas for writer's block

Example: when Instagram started rolling out with it’s Live feature, I wrote a quick tutorial piece on how to use Instagram Live since not everyone had it yet, so my post came at the perfect time for everyone using it for the first time.

Create a “Throughout the Years” Post.

I came up with this idea after looking back at a few on my Facebook Memories. Over the years, I’ve posted a lot of business-related pictures and posts on my personal Facebook account, and because of that I always look forward to the “On This Day” posts!

It makes me smile (and sometimes cringe) to look back & see how far my business & blog has changed over the years. It would make for a really easy and fun round-up as a blog post.

List Your Media Consumption.

Everyone is always looking for new recommendations when it comes to media consumption. There could be an opportunity to A) Introduce your audience to something new and B) tell your audience a little more about your personal taste.

  • What podcasts are you listening to right now?
  • What are your 5 most used apps?
  • Any business tools you can share? Web hosting, e-printing, photo editing?
  • What shows are you currently watching on Netflix? (RELEVANT.)

Round Up Your Top 5 Blog Post Ideas for when you have Writer’s Block.

See what I did there?

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What’s your favorite fluff-free blog post idea for when you have writer’s block? Leave it in the comments below!