All the Best Headboards I Considered and the One I Bought

How we chose an affodable headboard from Wayfair

As home projects go, our Master Bedroom is a pretty big one. But we kept pushing this one off because no one ever sees it but us.

But… isn’t that such a terrible way of thinking? The master bedroom should be the perfect reflection of us as a couple, and such a personal space.

It was finally the right time for some adulting and give our master bedroom decor some attention, too. And honestly, this is a really big deal for me because in the 12 years of our relationship, Lee and I have never really had bedroom decor… just hand-me-downs that never found their way to the curb.

The item I knew I needed to purchase FIRST was the headboard. This was going to be a focal point and TBH, headboards just make the whole room look so much more polished. I knew this would be an instant transformation (and it was!!)

Our master bedroom before…

Here is what he have to work with (photos from when we bought the house!). The room is 15×12 and pretty much as basic as it gets, from the color to the carpet and those sad brown doors.

empty master bedroom decoration
master bedroom before picture

The issue we have with our master bedroom is that the best wall for the bed is the one with the window.  I understand that all the design blogs say this is a No-No, but I really wanted to keep the bed there and just make it work, since it’s opposite of the main door and I think it frames the room best.

Best Headboards for Beds Against Windows

With the window in mind, we had to go with something solid (not iron, although I love that look) and I really wanted the tufted look since I think it’s pretty timeless.

best headboards for beds over windows

Bennett Upholstered Queen Headboard

This is the very first one I was attracked to and almost pulled the trigger, thinking the name “Bennett” was a sign (my son’s name!) But like wedding dresses, you can’t buy the first one you see.

Find it here.

Hoytville Upholstered Panel Headboard

This one grabbed my attention because of the beautiful shape. It has an elegance to it yet still simple. I found a LOT of these curved headboards that are way too over-the-top fancy, but this one has a good balance to it.

Find it here.

Edmund Upholstered Wingback Headboard

This one was a jump to the masculine side, it has a heavier and sturdier presence to it. I am a sucker for symmetry, so I gravitate towards sharp lines. Although still not “the one,” once I saw this design, I knew what I was really looking for was something with wings.

Find it here.

But the one I chose was…

Rhonda Upholstered Wingback Headboard

This just nailed it! I found this wingbacked headboard and knew it would be perfect. The wings were important because it makes it more substantial, so it has a presence in the room all on its own. I wanted something that would be the starting point to decorating the rest of the room, and so we can check this off as a win!

Find it here.

how we chose an affordable headboard from Wayfair

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