About KMB


Kristi Means Business is an online community to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize how to turn their passion into profit. This community of boss ladies come together under the idea that no one should have to rely on one single paycheck. Come hang out with other women who used a little creativity and a shit ton of hustle to create a lifestyle of independence from the 9-5 grind, including self-made streams of income that pay the bills, pay for vacations, and make all their #lifegoals easily attainable.

Content creator Kristi Gorski writes 3 weekly series:

Motivation Monday: This day is all about rejuvenation, inspiration, and self-mastery! Take a peek into the hectic life of a small business owner and learn how to stay on top of your own shit!

Woman Crush Wednesday: “You are who you hang out with” rings true with this series where Kristi showcases women who are using their talents to create their own lifestyle. Some have quit their 9-5 job, some are creating extra income to help pay the bills, and some are just tryna turn a profit for extra bar money. The cool thing is: everyone’s definition of success is different, and so these badass women can never fail.

Small Biz Saturday: Let’s be honest, we all work on the weekends. Saturdays will be knowledge bombs of tips and tricks for building your business like the total boss you are.