5 Things I Did This Month to Improve My Life.

5 ways to improve my life

Every night before I go to bed, I make my husband give me a goodnight kiss & I say to him, “This is the LAST KISS you will ever give me today!”

I always have a strong sense of making sure everything counts. I only get one September every year. I want to make sure it’s a great one & I’ve done it right.

Every day is a work in progress — an opportunity to do something better than yesterday. I wanted to be more intentional this month to improve my life on where I was lacking. Here’s what I did:

I reflected more.

The end of September means there are only 3 more months. That’s where my brain immediately goes.

But actually, the end of September means I just had 9 great months of memories. Instead of focusing on the 3 months ahead, I took a moment to reflect on the year so far.

First, I wrote down all my business successes for the entire year: all of my real estate closings, each one of my SHOP BUZZED events, and all the rest of the “wins” I consider accomplishments.

Then I spent some time looking through my old photos from the past 9 months, remembering the trip we took to Madrid, weekends back in Missouri, and random deck nights spent with family.

I’m so glad I documented that all via photos, because I needed the reminder to reflect.

I exercised.

No shame in saying I’ve gained some post-wedding weight, but this month I decided it was time to get back on track. With other things in my life seeming to settle into place, there’s no excuse to let my health slip out of my control anymore.

It hasn’t been easy. Working out is always the first thing I ditch when clients call or friends make plans or the weather is slightly less than ideal.

But… I definitely can attribute my clarity throughout the day to my morning runs on the lakefront. It’s a habit I needed to bring back into my life for my mental and physical health.

choose to improve my life with excercise

I went to church.

On the topic of clarity, church was something I really needed this month. It is easy for me to get lost in climbing the ladder & an obsession with business-first mindset. This self-proclaimed Control Freak needs the constant reminder that I am not in control.

Can I get an Amen?

I celebrated friends.

Overwhelmingly so, I am super sensitive to the ups and downs of the people around me. I tend to adopt a lot of people’s problems as my own in the efforts of “fixing everything.”

That’s why it’s EXTRA, EXTRA important that I spend time celebrating the happiness of people around me.

This month I got to celebrate a baby shower, a premiere, a launch of a new business, a birthday milestone & a friend that is expecting!

The opportunity to focus on the happiness of my friends has absolutely impacted the quality of my life & it’s so important to continue to prioritize friendships.

I started a new routine.

This month we decided that we wanted to start cooking meals and hosting dinners for friends that we wanted to get to know more. Preparing & hosting a meal is something I’ve always loved to do, if there was a Love Language for hosting parties, that would be me x100! It’s how I show I care.

This month we’ve opened up our home to a few people who until now have just been acquaintances. We’re super excited to continue this and try to serve people at our place at least a few times a month.

improve my life

5 things I did this month to improve my life.

We all are full of weaknesses. I definitely go through ebbs and flows of being a great business owner, a great friend, a great wife. I’ve never felt like I’ve completely figured out how to balance it all at the same time, but I’ve enjoyed practicing intentionality this month.

Your life is what you make of it, I hope you’re enjoying it, too!

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  • Kristi, I agree with your thinking that it’s good to pause, reflect, and work to improve our lives. So many people live on autopilot. Your 5 ways to improve your life are all great ideas.

  • CathyPhil Gorski

    You are so inspirational! You inspire even an old fart, like me, to continue to work on myself. Two years ago we had a summer of dinner parties. Some were couples that we wanted to thank for being such an inspiration to us, others were couples we wanted to get to know better. It was an awesome summer.