30 Days to 30 Challenge and a Better Life

We all love to use the word busy.

When friends ask how we’re doing: I’m so busy! When we are asked to run an errand: I’m soooo busy! We use it to sound important regarding work: Work is always busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been so busy this year, that big milestones {like my 30th birthday} have totally snuck up on me. So for the next 30 days following my 30th Birthday, I decided to challenge myself to improve my life with tasks that take a minimum of 10 Minutes per Day. No one is ever too busy for 10 minutes a day, especially when it comes to improving your life.

I wanted these tasks to fall into the following categories:

Physical Improvement. I am starting this challenge about 6 Weeks after giving birth to my son so I wanted to prioritize slowly getting back into shape.

Emotional Well-Being. Providing myself with the opportunity to de-stress and strengthen my emotional stability.

Spiritual Life. Being intentional about my faith entering daily life.

Here is how I plan to start my life as a 30-something:

Photo: @superdaddyyeo

My 30 Days to 30 Challenge:

Day 1: Make a list of 30 Ways to Improve My Life!

Day 2: 20 Minutes of Walking Around the Neighborhood

Day 3: Write Down Three of my Favorite Personality Traits

Day 4: Read a book with Bennett

Day 5: Choose a postpartum yoga routine and integrate into weekly schedule

Photo: @superdaddyyeo

Day 6: Tell Lee Three Things I Love about Him

Day 7: Set up a Coffee Date

Day 8: Plan a full week of dinners

Day 9: 10 minutes of Mindful Meditation

Day 10: Don’t Indulge in Any Gossip

Day 11: 15 minutes of Stretching

Photo: @superdaddyyeo

Day 12: Take a Guilt-free Nap

Day 13: Make a Donation

Day 14: Refill my Water Bottle 6 Times Today

Day 15: Today, Eat Ice Cream

Day 16: Give someone a compliment today

Day 17: Go for a Walk before 7am

Day 18: Put my phone away for an hour

Photo: @superdaddyyeo

Day 19: Say one prayer per family member

Day 20: Write a list of physical goals/checkpoints for the rest of the year

Day 21: Use timeblocking today to stick to a schedule

Day 22: Go on a date with my hubby

Day 23: Write Down Three Things I Love about My Family

Day 24: Drink a Glass of Wine

Day 25: Visualize Heaven

Photo: @superdaddyyeo

Day 26: Pick up the Pace! Walk a little faster today

Day 27: Remind myself of 3 Goals I’m Working Towards

Day 28: Prepare a Confession

Day 29: Sit in Silence for 10 Minutes

Day 30: Find a Bench and People Watch


What have you done lately to take care of yourself? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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