Why Don’t I Own This Already? 10 Things I Need from Amazon

10 things to buy on amazon

Do you want to know why I wrote this post? Because I fell down the Amazon Rabbit Hole. You know what I’m talking about, where you look up one thing, and then have to look at everything else “Customers who viewed this also viewed…” and then you continue clicking through until you eventually die.

I wanted to salvage those wasted hours, proving to myself and the world that online shopping is not a waste of precious work hours (see what I’m doing here…) So here we have a blog post dedicated to the things I found on that Rabbit Hole journey that simply amazed me. They spoke to me and I actually had the thought, “Why don’t I own this already?”

FYI, you can skim this article now, and you can also view everything at my Amazon store here:Windycitykristi chicago influencer amazon store pageItems below are posted with affiliate links. No pressure, but if you do want to buy these things, you might as well use my link, no?

Why Don’t I Own This Already? 10 Things I Need from Amazon:

A Dress that is Client-Approved and Event Ready — and Able to Grow with that Baby Bump.

pregnancy dress for work

The review that got me saying, YES HONEY:

“If you’re considering buying this- do it. I have never bought clothing on Amazon but I figured I would just return it if it didn’t look good. I followed the size chart and it’s one of the best fitting and most comfortable dresses I own.”

Get it for $27.99

Cell Phone Holder with Selfie Ring Light for Selfies, Live Stream, and InstaStories.

selfie light for videos

Ahhh the selfie light, a true gift from God.

I searched far and wide for this one. Amazon has 100’s of these selfie light products but a few features stood out here, namely the flexible arms, making it versatile for not only photos but videos too. Secondly, the USB charger meaning you can plug right into your computer if you make videos, OR you can plug it into a portable charger if you need this for more on-the-go purposes.

Get it for $17.99

A Special Handle for All Those Days where I said “Whoops” in theΒ  Target Checkout Line.

best way to carry large amounts of groceries

You guys, THE REVIEWS!! There are hundreds of glowing reviews like this one:

“OK, I admit I’m that guy who will overload trying to carry as many grocery bags possible to minimize trips. Yes. Guilty. The downside? Those darn loop handles of the plastic bags turn into something like razor wires and feel like they are slicing the tendons of my fingers. And I suspect one day I will lose a finger or two that way. Thanks to the Mighty Handle, I can save my fingers, while carrying a ton of bags and weight. I could tell that more than a few people were likely considering how to take me down in the parking lot so they could separate me from these cool handles. Luckily, none of them were fast enough to act out on that plot and I had time to explain to them how inexpensive and easy to buy the handles are. I will be buying more to give as gifts because they’re practical and will save people time and pain.”

People love these things! Get 2 for $9.99

A Pair of the Most Versatile Slides to Ever Exist.

the best shoes for walking and working

This is a “why don’t I own these already” in the sense of, I actually do already own an almost identical pair that is closed-toed instead of these that are open. I’ve worn them TO DEATH because they’re my absolute favorite, so much so that I’ve have to fix the heal…twice.

I’d recommend these to the moon and back because of the goes-with-everything color, the comfort of the thick heal, and the ease of the slide. They’ve been such a faithful companion on mine!

Extra points because they’re slides which I coin “Realtor Shoes” the best for slipping on and off while showing houses!

Get them here (BUT SERIOUSLY).

Some Positive Motivation before I Leave the House.

Surround yourself with things that make you smile, it’s as simple as that. And since I usually am the last one out the door in the morning, I have no one to send me sweet compliments as I start my daily adventures. $16.99 seems like a small price to pay for a little self-confidence booster, no?

Get one for yourself here.

The Cutest Lil’ Helper as far as Desk Organization Goes.

easy organizer for a desk with no drawers organizer for desk with no drawers

THIS is a dream come true for my minimal aesthetic and will add some functionality to a drawer-less desk set-up. Someone in the reviews also said they stick it to their nightstand for their glasses. GENIUS!

Thank Amazon here. $13.95

A Sign of What’s Really Important in Life.

coffee bar decor neon coffee sign

C’mon does this not scream “Why don’t I own this already?” We don’t really do coffee shops much anymore because $money$ but we definitely cherish our morning coffee from the luxury of our screened in porch. This just seems necessary.

The perfect splurge: $49

A Timely Game that Serves as Proof that I win the Internet.

Hilarious Meme card game

Basically the Meme-themed version of Cards Against Humanity.

Dying to play it like this reviewer did:

“This game is a blast!!! I played once with friends and after going through all the Meme photos I dug into some wedding pictures I had printed. That was hilarious and a game changer- literally! The second time I played was with a huge group and I stole funny awkward pictures from their Facebook pages before we met and sent them to Walgreens to be printed. “

An Amazon Best Seller for $29.99

The Solution to the Grossest Part about Doing My Nails.

best nail clippers to catch the nail clippings

A mess-free nail clipper that catches all the nail clippings… can someone explain to me why they are still making nail clippers the old fashioned way? You know, the kind where nail clippings fly everywhere and you can’t find them but you know you will ONE DAY and it will gross you out to the max? That is not my future anymore.

Stop living like an animal. Shop here.

A 2-Pack that Makes the Ridiculous Cost of Beauty a Little More Stomachable.

what to use instead of makeup sponge what to use instead of make up sponge

This is false advertising on my part because I ALREADY OWN THIS but I was gifted it so I didn’t know they were sold on Amazon and I didn’t know they came in a 2-Pack! These makeup applicators are the BEST thing I’ve found for saving money on makeup by making it last longer. The silicon pads reduce the loss from a normal blender or sponge that soaks up the liquid. I typically don’t apply the makeup directly to my skin, though. I put the liquid on the pad and use my brushes to apply. It’s so easy to wash, too!

You should definitely consider these: $6.99

Why Don’t I Own This Already? 10 Things I Need from Amazon.

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